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DID configs using PRI's

Is there anyone out there that has implemented DID for a customer using PRI lines? Specifically with MGCP. Basically trying to confirm whether this is possible and the best approach.

Configs would be great. I can't seem to find one specific to DID-PRI-MGCP.


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Re: DID configs using PRI's

I am doing DID with 5 PRI's, but through aH232 gateway.

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Re: DID configs using PRI's

Is there any chance you could send me a sample config of your setup?

What chassis are you using to terminate these?


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Re: DID configs using PRI's

Currently I am using the 6608 blade with 6 PRI's (MGCP), Let me know if I can assist you....

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Re: DID configs using PRI's

Primarily what I am trying to determine is how Callmanager handles this setup.

Any chance you could send me a few screen captures of the important config sheets from Callmanager?

Of course as long as it doesn't breach your security.

Preciate the time and effort.

Otherwises can you throw out some brief steps as to the proper way to go about this. Primarily I am concerned with the actual PRI config sheet on the Gateway section of Callmanager and what specific steps need to be followed to build the relationship between the DID DNIS digits being passed down and the patterns for my appropriate phones.


Re: DID configs using PRI's

Whilst I can't send you any screen shots I can give you some pointers.

1. If you are using partitions and calling search spaces, make sure the partition of the gateway and the cs can see the extensions partition.

2. If you are receiving more digits from the provider than the length of your extension numbers, set the sig digits to the length of your extension numbers and tick the sig digits box.

3. If the incoming digits do not match your extension numbers (say did 4000 ext 3000) set up a translation pattern to convert (4xxx changes to 3xxx)

4. Try not to assign did's that can't be pattern matched to ext numbers otherwise you need a lot of translations and it makes for admin headaches. (I had a customer that needed over 300 translations because they did not think about allocations proerly)

5. Remember DID is easy and it just takes a little planning to achieve a lot of good work


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Re: DID configs using PRI's

I am using 2621 with NMHDV-T1-2 running one out bound and one in bound pri. I have two 2621 setup the same and looking into doins HSRP for backup.

A good book to look at is Introduction to Voip from cisco press.

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