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DID numbering change

dear sir,

anyone have any idea how to change the entire did number? Let say the did number that we running now is 111XXXX , i wish to change it to 222XXXX.

please advise. thanks.


Re: DID numbering change


Is 111XXXX your complete DID number. i.e. if you dial 111XXXX from a PSTN phone, call will land on extension XXXX. If this is so then 111 is the number provided by ISP. So you will need to contact your provider to change the number range of your PRI.

Community Member

Re: DID numbering change

hi ananddiwakar & all,

thank you very much for your reply, if the provider have change the number range ? We just need to configure the gateway and adjust at route group right? Beside that, do we need to do anythings at hunt group or translation pattern?


Re: DID numbering change


All depends on how your gateway and CCM are setup.

If it is H323 and you are running the num-exp command then you would have to modify that command.

If it is MGCP then you probably have a translation pattern on your callmanager that you would need to adjust.

If you are using only the last part of the ext as your hunt group DN then as long as you change the forementioned, you should be ok. (assuming same extension length obviously)



Re: DID numbering change


As suggested by Tim, this depends on gateway and CCM config. You will need to change gateway and/or translation patterns configured. If you have multiple Xlation patterns (e.g. for blocking DID etc) then it will take some considerable time to make changes. If you are goign to carry out this activity be sure to plan a proper downtime.

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