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Different MOH for Internal and External Calls

Is it possible to have a different MOH source for internal vs external calls.

I know that Network MOH is for transfering but can this be used for external MOH source from the PSTN?


Re: Different MOH for Internal and External Calls

There's really no way to do this easily. The issue is that the call to a PSTN phone would flow through a gateway and if an IP phone put this call on hold, then the Audio Source configured on the IP phone would determine the MoH file/source and the MRGL of the gateway would determine which MoH server it actually came from. As a result, there's really no way that the IP phone placing the call on hold could specify a different audio source for an internal call (to another IP phone) because even if the other phone has a different MRGL (and therefore a different MoH server), the MoH audio source will be the same

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Re: Different MOH for Internal and External Calls

One workaround would be to have 2 DNs on each phone (Ex. 1000 and 2000). Publish 1000 in the directory for internal calls. Have the receptionist transfer external calls to 2000 and point the DID for the user to 2000. You could then configure a different User Hold Audio Source for each DN. A little cumbersome, but it would work.

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