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Different Server Platforms

I am looking for some input on having two different server platforms in a centralized topology. The two servers are a MCS7825 and a MCS 7835. Question one does Cisco support unlike server sets? If so which server will be the Publisher and which will be the Subscriber…and why…Thank for any and all input

Cisco Employee

Re: Different Server Platforms

Yes, having different server platforms in a CallManager cluster is supported *as long as* all servers are running the SAME version of CallManager.

As far as which server should be the Publisher and Subscriber, this depends on a couple of things. The 7825 supports up to 1000 phones and the 7835 supports up to 2500 phones. So, depending on the number of phones you'll have in the cluster, you should keep this in mind when planning capacity.

The other thing to consider is high-availability. The 7835 has multiple power supplies and a SCSI Raid array and is therefore more redundant than the 7825. For that reason alone, I would use a 7835 as my Publisher.

Hope that helps.



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Re: Different Server Platforms

We have our CM Cluster setup like this. We have 4 servers 1x 7835 as Publisher with 2x 7835 and 1x 7825 as subscribers.

AS per other post does depend on the number of phones that you want to support. Also bare in mind the spec of your servers. The previous post say the 7825 will support 1000 phones (correct on NEW 7825 servers), but if your using an older one (e.g. 7825-800) like we are you will be limited to 500 IP Phones.

As per previous post would recommend the 7835 as your Publisher for teh same reasons.



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Re: Different Server Platforms

Thanks for your input...This helps me out

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