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digital modules

I want to more informacion about dsp of the NM-HDV-1E1-30E, NM-HDV-1E1-30E=,NM-HDV-2E1-60=. In other word, I want to know what dsp ( c542 and c549 ) is part of each one of them.

Cisco Employee

Re: digital modules

The NM-HDV based modules all use the c549 DSP chips. The quantity that are installed on the card depends on which bundle you buy.

NM-HDV-1E1-30 has 9 c549 DSPs (on 3 SIMMs)

NM-HDV-1E1-30E has 15 c549 DSPs (on 5 SIMMs)

NM-HDV-2E1-60 has 15 c549 DSPs (on 5 SIMMs)

1 c549 DSP in the HDV module can handle 4 simultaneous medium complexity calls (e.g. G.711 or G.729a codec) or 2 simultaneous high complexity calls (e.g. G.723.1 codec).

So with 9 DSPs that is 36 medium complexity calls (which is enough for one E1 capacity) (9 x 4 = 36)

With 15 DSPs but only a single E1 circuit that is 30 high complexity calls. (15 x 2 = 30)

With 15 DSPs and two E1 circuits that is 60 medium complexity calls. (15 x 4 = 60)

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