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Direct access

Is there any way to set up a call handler to allow callers to dial directly an extension and get their greeting and leave a message as opposed to transferring????? I cannot modify the subscribers transfer action as they would like the automated attendant to be able to transfer but the operator will get calls that request to leave a message for someone without calling them. I want to setup up a separate callhandler/pilot number to do this.<br><br>


Re: Direct access

as close as you'll get is setting up a pilot number and a corresponding routing rule to dump the operator to the opening greeting when the dial it (as opposed to automatically trying to sign them in to their own mailbox) and then the operator will need to dial the extension of the user they want to get followed by "#2" to over ride the transfer sequence in Unity. After dialing, say, 1189#2, they would simply complete the transfer and the next thing the outside caller would hear is the personal greeting of the user in question.

yes, it would be handy if call manager had a nifty function to do this in one step and, as I understand it, that is being worked on. For now, however, you need to first contact Unity and then use #2 to over ride the transfer functionality on the handler.

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