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Directory for Attendant Console with Home/Mobile numbers

We have CCM 4.1.3sr1 using the DC directory.

The switchboard operators using the Attendant Console need access to some home

numbers and mobile numbers. The solution can be to add them as users in the

DCD, but that also means that it will show up in the Corporate Directory.

We need to restrict the home/mobile numbers only to the switchboard users and

should not be displayed on the Corporate directory.

We know that the AC pull the directory list from the local user list (if a Path

Name is provided) or from the Autogenerated.txt file on the CCM. We can put in

directory list txt/csv file on the switchboard PC but that would mean we have

to maintain 2 directories, DCD and switchboard directory.

I have heard that we can make some changes to the xmldirectory.asp file to

restrict the home/mobile numbers to show up only for switchboard and not on the

corporate directory.

I am we can tweak some xml stuff and get this done. Thanks for your help.



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Re: Directory for Attendant Console with Home/Mobile numbers

I don't know about an xml tweak but you can use this link to get the procedure for hiding users in DC Directory. They will not show up in the CCM Global Directory after this so you would have to unhide them to make any device association changes, etc. I also don't know if an LDAP query from AC to generate the directory list it uses will be provided with hidden names.


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Re: Directory for Attendant Console with Home/Mobile numbers

I have a customer with the same issue. They have 2 switchboard operators with Attendant Console. They have created their own Speed Dials in the Speed Dial group for Home numbers and mobile numbers, (but remember to put the 9 or 8 in front of the number). The switchboard operators can still drag and drop to the external phone numbers and they love the fact that they can administer the numbers themselves.

This resolves not putting them in DCDirectory.

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