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Directory Gatekeeper - Redundancy

I'm designing a new solution for a customer where i want to ensure there is redundancy for my "Directory Gatekeepers". What methods of redundancy works best for Directory Gatekeeper? Is HSRP good or Alternate Gatekeeper better?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Directory Gatekeeper - Redundancy

Cisco VRC Version 1.1 provides support for the following:

Dial Plan management for H.323 VoIP networks

Destination number or tech prefix based routing

Carrier and trunk group label based routing

Dial peer voice configuration

Zone configuration

Directory gatekeeper redundancy mechanisms (alternate, cluster, hsrp)

Gatekeeper redundancy mechanisms (alternate, cluster, hsrp)

Arbitrary number of directory gatekeepers, but only single level hierarchy of directory gatekeepers

Gatekeeper Transaction Message Protocol (GKTMP) triggers configuration on gatekeeper

Call control security configuration

Translation rules, number expansions, and call blocking configuration

Source IP group configuration

Hairpinning calls to PSTN

Call path verification

Network and regional administrators

User administration through the CNS security module

Integration with the Packet Telephony Center (PTC)

Configuration distribution using the Cisco IE2100 or Telnet (speeds up and simplifies dial plan management for a large number of network elements)

Fifty concurrent users

Efficient dial plan administration and configuration functions for service provider VoIP networks

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Re: Directory Gatekeeper - Redundancy


So out of the 3 methods supported (HSRP, H.323 Alternate gatekeepers & Cisco gatekeeper clustering), is there any recommendation by Cisco as in which is the best solution to implement?


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Re: Directory Gatekeeper - Redundancy

I have a simular senerio. 20 gatekeepers (In pairs) with callmangers behind them. I am using GUP for redundancy. As well as 2 differnt sets of Directory gatekeepers. Big clusters. lots of phones.

I like GUP better than hsrp since if the "primary gatekeeper" goes down the other gatekeeper already knows what bandwidth is in use. this reduces the chances of over subscription of bandwidth.

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