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Directory Handler - 0 for Operator??


We have an issue with having 20 locations and one Directory Handler.

One, of course is having many first names the same (having them record their names and locations seem to help some, btw, has that been improved in 3.1? Some type of directory search function? Extension prefix, private list?)

The second is, once they are there and hit 0 for operator, you can not get them back to the same location (Example, they call in from Irvine, CA, hit 4 for directory, then can not find that person, hit 0. The main office is in Livermore so they are forwarded to Livermore's operator). What has other people done in this situation?



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Re: Directory Handler - 0 for Operator??

No changes to the directory handler in 3.x other than to support dialing domains, however 4.0 (relasing later this year) will make a big leap here. You will be able to create multiple directory handlers and dictate which users should be included in search results for that directory handler. You'll be able to dicate all users in a COS, a public distribution list, at a Unity location, across a Dialing domain etc... In this way you can create department directories, offic directories, region directories, all that good stuff. It's a nice improvment some of us have been waiting for some time for.

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