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New Member

Directory Handler and Call Handlers

Since the software knows what's best for me, I am forced to create a large number of call handlers to represent employees in other locations. This solves the problem of intersite transfers by extension, but I do not see a way to get the Directory handler to examine the names of the call handlers.

The second issue is that once we get a few more Unity servers deployed, I will need to bulk delete these work-around handlers, and I don't see a tool for that.

Any thoughts, or should I resign to spending a lot of time searching for and individually deleting the handlers once I no longer need them?

Cisco Employee

Re: Directory Handler and Call Handlers

First... you should be using Internet Subscribers, not call handlers for this... they will show up in the directory handler if you wish (so long as you record a voice name for them and set them to appear in the directory).

I have a bulk subscriber delete tool that can help you out here if you use Internet Subscribers. Or you can delete them in the directory and let the triggers clean them up for you (provided your'e at 3.1(5)... might be problems with the triggers in earlier versions). Currently I have it set to only show full subscribers but I can easily change it if you need.

New Member

Re: Directory Handler and Call Handlers

I'll give it a go. It is an ugly proposition, but no uglier than the call handlers.

I just need to rant a bit. I have security handled on our legacy PBX systems and on our Call Managers. Our eight year-old voicemail system allows us to hand-off the transfer logic to our PBX systems, and I don't have to waste time creating subscribers of any type to permit transfers.

I understand the logic behind not allowing transfers to non-subscribers, but I'd have prefered to see it as an option. I'm half tempeted to just drop the idea of allowing intrenal transfers until I get Unity deployed globally. It's just too much work with the current requirements. Somehow I doubt that will fly with management though.

Cisco Employee

Re: Directory Handler and Call Handlers

If you need to create a lot of call handlers (if you want to go that route) quickly from CSV for extension ranges, you can check out the Bulk Handler Create tool here:

You may also find the Audio Text Manager makes real short work of such things (much quicker than using the SA):

Also, we do have a "system transfer" conversation on deck, probably for the "tower" release of Unity next year. This will let you send calls to any number you like without having to associate a call handler/subscriber with it. Just associate a restriction table to it to filter out numbers you don't want dialable and go.

New Member

Re: Directory Handler and Call Handlers

I've exeprimented with the Bulk Handler Create tool, and It will work for us. A similar bulk delete would be great, as the first couple creates did not work as I expected, and a good number of the Handlers had to be deleted manually.

Excellent news on the system transfer. That is almost exactly what we need. We'll likely be fully deployed with work-arounds before then, but it will make future expansion easier.


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