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Directory Handler Change for New Last Name

When a user changes their last name we update exchange, which in turn updates unity to reflect the new last name. However, the new last name is not recognized in the company directory, but, if I search with the old name, I receive the recorded name of the new name. Where do I change the corresponding directory listing at??? For example. My last name is Polansky (Directory listing of 765) My new name is Dummy (Directory listing 386). If I change the display to reflect Dummy that's fine, but the dirtectory doesn't list Dummy under 386. It does, however list Dummy under 765. Hopefully this makes sense. <br><br>


Re: Directory Handler Change for New Last Name

Yeah, that makes sense.

The deal is we need to know the name changed... if you change the first/last name in Exchange, it'll show that way in the Unity SA since we just map that info right to the existing properties in the directory, however we don't have our own database to keep track that it's different now than it was 5 minutes ago.

If you change the first/last names in the Unity SA and then hit save, it'll recalculate the DTMF representation of your spelled name and you should be able to find yourslef in the directory using the new spelling. We don't calculate the spelled name on the fly, that'd be much too slow for lookups in large directories. As such we store the first/last and last/first names in their DTMF format (using the keypad mapping chosen at setup) in the directory in one of our custom fields.

hope that helps.

Jeff Lindborg
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Re: Directory Handler Change for New Last Name

Actually I had a similar issue with the Directory Handler. However, it was with the extensions.

We were importating several users from Exchange, then realized the Exchange entries hadn't been updated. So we went thru and changed both Unity and Exchanges extension listing. After the correction, Unity appeared to work perfectly and accept messages just as it should. However, if the caller uses the spell by name directory, it will announce the right users name, and the correct extension, however it will transfer the caller to the WRONG extension that was originally imported from Exchange.

If we remove the user from Unity and reimport them to Exchange, it works fine. Any ideas? I'll probably post this as a seperate issue but thought it might relate.

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