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Directory Handler - entry not listed

Unity 2.4 Build<br>Call Manager 3.01<br>Microsoft Exchange 5.5<br><br>One specific entry does not get listed in the directory handler. I have two people with the same last name. They are both configured to show in the directory, but only one does. I tried to rename the first and last names, turn off and on the listing to no avail. I am sure I can delete a mailbox and recreate it but I rather not if I don't have to. <br><br>I do have other mailboxes that have the same last names and they are listed ok.<br><br>Thank you,<br>Vladimir<br><br>


Re: Directory Handler - entry not listed

Handling multiple people with the same last names (or first names for that matter) isn't a problem for the alpha directory. They're just played in a list and the caller has to choose the right one.

Do both users have voice names recoreded? We will only list folks in the directory that are:

1. subscribers on the local unity server
2. are listed to be available in the directory
3. have a recorded voice name

if a caller entered the name of someone that didn't have a voice name, they'd hear "the user at extesnion 1189" instead of their voice name (since that's what we kick over to playing in the abscence of a recorded name). Obviously the caller doesn't know the exension of they would have dialed it so this doesn't really work for confirmation. As such for outside callers using the directory handler, only users with voice names are included.

for subscribers addressing messages to other subscribes, users without voice names are included in the list of matches.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)


Re: Directory Handler - entry not listed

Thank you. That worked. (No recorded name was the problem)

Thank you,

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