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Directory handler message

Is it possible to change the the instruction message on the directory handler on a Unity 3.1(2) box. The standard message says to "Spell the Last and First name...." I've have had several people try and spell out the persons whole name. And when they misspell it, or it's Mike instead of Micheal they're certain the system's broke and I need to fix it.<br><br>I know you can record the name but I can't find any place to change the message.<br><br>Thanks in advance.<br><br>

New Member

Re: Directory handler message

Gentlemen --

I have had exactly the same problem with a recent install. The user believes he has to type the full name based on the prompt. Is there a patched version of this prompt we could upload to take of this?

Most other systems prompt the user to enter the first 4 characters of the last name. Maybe we could do the same or come up with other wording to indicate you need only press a couple of characters and the # key.

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