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Directory Lookup Using Callmanager 5.1 (Linux)

Can anyone point to me to information on how to query the informix database (specifically the directory portion) for use in an application? We are hoping to present our users with a directory lookup option off of our portal...

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Re: Directory Lookup Using Callmanager 5.1 (Linux)


You can use the AXL SOAP interface to query the user table, either via an executeSQLQuery, or via a getUser call.

The interface is not meant for real-time interfaces, so I wouldn't do ad-hoc queries, but you rather sync your app every night or so.



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Re: Directory Lookup Using Callmanager 5.1 (Linux)

Thanks Sascha - I was looking at AXL SOAP for this level of access; however, it seems complex to write an application in C++ or Java just to query a database. Is there no SQL access or LDAP connections available? This is for a web app that does nothing more than is available when a user selects the Corporate Directory lookup from their phone... Please tell me a simpler solution is available.


Re: Directory Lookup Using Callmanager 5.1 (Linux)

you could try to use the CUCM directory that the phones are using, but wrap your own formatting around it

Re: Directory Lookup Using Callmanager 5.1 (Linux)

This would only work for the corporate directory though... the personal one needs authentication and then you're back to using axl to authorize users.

You can download the axlsql toolkit from the ccmadmin pages.. you'll see that making a request isn't so complex. Making a custom directory is one of the easiest axl jobs out there.

Re: Directory Lookup Using Callmanager 5.1 (Linux)

agree, but assumed only the Corporate Directory is required on the portal

agree 2, AXL is really easy, I have built a directory application that consolidates 2 direcories from 2 clusters to give a single search from the ipphones, it syncs every few hours via AXL

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