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Directory Plugin 4 AD - Pros/Cons

I've been trying to find something on the pros and cons for using AD as the CM directory but have not had much luck. Other than username and password synchronization, at least I assume you get that, what else is the advantage? Some issues I'm concerned with are it's interaction with Attendant Console, Personal Assistant and upgrades. In going from CM3.1x to 3.3 you have to remove servers from the domain, what issues/problems did that present when using the plugin? Any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!!


Re: Directory Plugin 4 AD - Pros/Cons

From just a resource/server perspective it is ok to use the AD membership for mgmt apects, API's and authentication. There are things like DCD, the LDIF schema extensions that may be a bit more complex.

Re: Directory Plugin 4 AD - Pros/Cons

One of the other problems is that you have to disable the plugin for all upgrades which makes it more of an effort and a bigger outage.

I've also found that the name display isn't as staight forward as it should be, I'm not a big NT person so apologies for using the incorrect terms but the name displayed is the older NT compatability name and not the AD user name, which isn't what you expect.

If you already have PA then you have to re-install it after the AD plugin, again not a great advert for product integration.


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