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Directory walker error

When I run Directory Walker on my Unity 3.1(3) machine, I get the following error on every Call Handler/user:<br><br>(error) in directory dump function=Subscript out of range<br><br>Pasted below are the top several lines from one of the users in the log file:<br><br>Handler Alias=ch_prashanth.myadam<br>Extension=2304<br> Location Object Alias=default<br> Handler owner alias=prashanth.myadam<br> Handler message recipient alias=prashanth.myadam<br> Handler location object alias=default<br> After Message Action Destination Alias =goodbyech<br>(error) in directory dump function=Subscript out of range<br> pressing ahead<br> Schedule=Weekdays<br><br>These users were imported from Exchange2k/Active Directory, if that makes any difference. The dbWalker version is 2.1.112. Any ideas as to what could be causing this?<br><br>


Re: Directory walker error

That's the error that'll get kicked out if you're running with 3.1(3) and you don't have 2.1.114 of dbWalker. You can get 2.1.114 off CCO (bad Monkey, I didn't post this through to like I should have... 2.1.112 is the latest there). The CCO utilities download page is at:

That error has to do with the fact that schedules in Unity were moved from the registry into SQL and versions of dbWalker prior to 2.1.114 are still looking in the registry for them.

I'll updated AnswerMonkey with 114 tonight.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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