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DIRT backup failing

I know there is another conversation on this, but I've given guest and everyone full permissions to the share on the remote backup server and I still get the SQL error. None of my servers are in a domain.

Also, why won't dirt let me just put \\x.x.x.x\sharename in the backup target location field. I want to schedule backups to a network drive, but a drive letter is tied to someone being logged in, correct. So does that mean scheduled backups can't go to a mapped drive letter?


Running UnityDisasterRecoveryBACKUP version: 1.0.97

Local Unity version=4.0(3.0)

Search for '(error)' or '(warning)' to find logged errors and warnings during the backup process.


Starting disaster reocovery backup at: 12/3/2003 2:15:12 PM

Backing up registry to: z:\UnityReg.REG

Backing up the Cisco TSP branch to:z:\CiscoTSP.reg

Backing up active switch file 1 :C:\CommServer\IntLib\cisco0002.ini

Backing up all AVD files

Backing up StreamFiles folder

Copying out system greetings for default objects

Copying EMS Database file out from: C:\CommServer\utilities\EventMonitoringService\database

Backing up UnityDB SQL table

(error) in cmbBackup routine:[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Cannot open backup device 'z:\UnityDBBackUp.sql'. Device error or device off-line. See the SQL Server error log for more details.

[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]BACKUP DATABASE is terminating abnormally. number= 0

User elected to skip backup of reportDB

Finished disaster reocovery backup at: 12/3/2003 2:15:14 PM

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Re: DIRT backup failing

as has been mentioned out here many times, this is not a limitation of DiRT - SQL services are doing the backup of the table(s) requested. You'll notice all the items DiRT DOES have control over go right to your share no problem. SQL is a little fussier about what you can do here and it'll require you either backup locally or go to a share/UNC using the rights of a domain account associated with the SQL services.

You can do a mapped drive or a UNC (I've used both no problem) however the same rights issues will be in play so you can't just map a drive to a machine outside the domain and expect it to work.

There's nothing I can do to make this somehow work the way you want.

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Re: DIRT backup failing

As a follow up - one of the CPR guys made a suggestion that might be worth following up here.

I could offer a "two-hop" backup option for SQL where it first backs up the SQL file(s) to the local HD somewhere, then moves them to the target backup location (UNC or mapped drive) and then removes them off the local drive again.

It'll be a _little_ tricky making the UI for this understandable (i.e. having the user pick a good location for me to use as the temporary holding location) - I can't just assume I can use, say, c:\ or something since estimating the size of the SQL backup is inexact at best but I think it's doable.

would pursuing such an option be worth it? This issue seems to be coming up fairly frequently...

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Re: DIRT backup failing

I think it would be worth it. I would think the majority of VM only Unity implementations that are considered small, and a lot of users are trying to do this. I would think that a lot of them are in their own domain also, where permissions to other servers become an issue. It would be nice to have the DIRT tool be able to do this all through the GUI..and scheduled...

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Re: DIRT backup failing

OK... as soon as I clear a couple other items in the queue off I'll work on this. I'll try to get something out next week for QA to start banging on.

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Re: DIRT backup failing


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Re: DIRT backup failing

my QA guy was eating his Wheaties today - the new version of DiRT backup that supports the 'two hop' SQL backup is tested and posted here:

let me know if you have any problems with it.

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Re: DIRT backup failing

I tested this and it seems to work great.


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