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DiRT Backup, holdover UNITY SERVERS naming, Failover configuration

Here's a little background:

1. Old Unity server (STEELERS) in production environment running 3.1(3)

2. New Unity server (GIANTS) built with different name (for various reasons)

3. DiRT backup run on old server then restored to new server

4. Old Unity server taken out of service

5. New Unity server upgraded to 3.1(5)

6. New Unity server (GIANTS) up and running nicely (two weeks now)

When using the SA to manage the new server I have noticed under UNITY SERVERS that the new server's name reads as the old server's name "STEELERS" and the alias is DEFAULT. When I look at SYSTEM/CONFIGURATION/SETTINGS I see the computer name and NT Domain name settings to accurately reflect the name of the new server (GIANTS).

Now, It's obvious to me that the UNITY SERVERS information was contained in the backup I took off of the old Unity server. I've gone into the SQL 2000 Enterprise Manager, poked around (carefully) and found the SERVERS table that contains the old STEELERS name, but am not willing to change it without talking to you folks first.

Questions are:

1. Can/should I change this name to reflect the name of the new server? What are the ramifications of doing so on a production box? Reboot required? Catastrophic destruction? Loss of job?

2. I've rebuilt the old server, kept the STEELERS name and plan to introduce it as the backup server in a Unity Failover configuration. Can/should I complete the failover configuration without changing the UNITY SERVERS name on the new server? I'm sure this will cause a conflict at some point, so I'd like to get this resolved now, before further problems arise.

Is what I'm asking making any sense at all?

Many thanks in advance,


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Re: DiRT Backup, holdover UNITY SERVERS naming, Failover configu

Were the two unity servers ever online in the same active directory at the same time? If so, I think part of your problem might be the fact that you never uninstalled the first server from Active Directory. There are still bits of flesh and hair from the old system still ground up in the directory's cogs and widgets. If the system has been up and running without any known problems, you might be okay, but as for advice from a TAC engineer, I say don't necessarily take it for granted. You may want to consider opening a TAC case and letting us look through the system to make sure.

As for reintroducing the old server, be careful here. Using the same name might not be the best idea, especially if there are still remenants of the previous install. Giving the box a different name would definitely help avoid any unforseen issues if you decide not to call TAC (I'm partial to SAINTS).


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