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Dirt for migrating to a new server

Sorry if this is redundant, but I just want final "approval" from the AnswerMonkey himself before migrating off our HP server to a supported Compaq box.<br><br>Our Unity 3.1(3) is running on a HP box with Windows 2000 and only the Exchange Administrator running... offbox installation. There are two exchange servers in the environment.<br><br>I plan to do the following:<br><br> - Shut off the current HP/Unity server box named BH-UNITY01<br> - Bring up the Compaq server and install Win2K and name it BH-UNITY01<br> - Install service packs, hotfixes, etc on the Compaq box<br> - Install Unity 3.1(3) with a basic install<br> - Run the DiRT restore tool.<br><br>I'm assuming because all my voice messages are answered by my Unity box and then "pushed" over into the Exchange server, there is no reason to backup mailboxes or messages with the backup utility.<br><br>Why do you say in the training video that there is no way to go back from a restore? It seems as if things don't go well (which is unlikely)... I could just format the server and start over and run the restore again.<br><br>Is there anything on the Exchange side that needs to be done?<br><br>Thanks again for you help.<br><br>


Re: Dirt for migrating to a new server

That looks fine. Shouldn't be anything to do on the Exchange side. If you're mailboxes are all off box then you don't need to worry about messages. The message backup/restore option is there mostly for stand alone voice mail only systems where everything's on one box and you need that data.

What I mean by not being able to go back is you can't just plug your original server back in and have it come up live taking calls. I'd had a number of folks that just wanted to unplug the original server, install a new one and do the restore and if anything went wrong just plug the original server back in and go home... doesn't work that way. You can certainly format and give it another go... no problem there.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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