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DIRT Recovery

I have a 4.0(2) system that was upgraded from a 3.1x system. When this system was originally built everything operated off of the administrator account. With 4.0 you need the seperate accounts to operate all of the services. My question is this: If I have to rebuild the box to fix our problems will DiRT recovery work since diffierent accounts will be controlling the message store as well as the directory services. I know the box needs to be exactly how it was, Im just not sure if that includes the exact user acounts that were in place beforehand.

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Re: DIRT Recovery

Couple things here.

First, you cant restore a 3.1 DiRT backup to a 4.0 installation so this shouldn't be an issue to begin with. You can only restore to the same version you backed up (i.e. diRT is a migration tool, not a migration and upgrade combination tool).

Second, even if your service account configuration does change between the backup and the restore, DiRT does not care about this - it does not fiddle with any account assignments or services or the like. Once the local install is running right the restore makes sure to preserve all that during the restire and restores everything else "around" the local new install. This is why it allows you to move domains, server names, back end configurations (i.e. you can move from Ex55 on box to Ex2K off box no problem) etc...

But I think the first point is the most important - DiRT requires the backed up version to match the restored version exactly to work.

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Re: DIRT Recovery


Thanks for the information. I know it has to be the same version. The system has already been upgraded and I am going to do a new DiRT backup before I try to rebuild the box. That way I have the most recent view of the system as well.

As long as it doesnt care about the accounts I am good to go.

Thanks again

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