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Disable Accounts

Hi,<br>What is the best way to disable a user's account? Is deletion the only option? Typically, when an employee leaves, we disable their NT account. How does this effect the Unity account? Unity 2.4 Build<br><br>The reason we do this is in case a leaving employee needs to recover some information. The question I have about deleting accounts is this: when it forwards into voice mail from the extension then the system answers with the "please enter an extension" message. <br><br>This can be confusing to users. Yet, we don't want users to leave a message for the person either. So, what are the options available besides deleting the account to prevent a message being left? How are other sites handling account maintenance?<br><br>Thanks!<br><br>


Re: Disable Accounts

Disabling the NT account wont have any direct impact on the Unity subscriber, however they wont be able to get on to SA/AA or use VMO with TRAP since they can't authenticate on the domain any longer. Probably not an issue for you.

If you're not worried about phone access to messages for these employees, just go ahead and remove the subscriber from Unity. We only remove our custom data (we don't touch the standing Exchange user under it).

If, instead, you're looking to maintain phone access to these users' messages but not allow folks to leave them messages... that's a bit trickier. There's no snappy way to disable a voice mail account to make it not accept inbound messages but still be able to get at what's there. The easiest way to deal with this, I would imagine, would be to change the extension number of the user. For instance all "disabled accounts" would get prepended with a "444" or something... so you'd change my extension to be 4441189. You could still log in and get messages if you know the updated extension but outside callers wont get their greeting when forwarding from that number.

Removing the Unity subscriber data from their Exchange record seems like a much simpler approach...

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Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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