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Disabling CallForwarding Softbutton

I have a customer who would like to prevent certain users from forwarding their extension both internally and externally.

Does anyone know a way to do this ?

Could removing the CFwdALL softbutton do this?, if so how do I remove or edit the softbutton functions.

Thanks in advance


CCIE 3675

New Member

Re: Disabling CallForwarding Softbutton

There are two types of Calling Search Spaces in CallManager, one for making calls the other for doing call forwards.

To achieve want you want to do, you could set up a dummy Calling Search Space called "CallFwdBarred" for example, then you need to go into the phone properties and change the forwarding Calling Search space to "CallFwdBarred", as you haven't assigned any partitions to that calling search space any attempts to forward to any number will come back with the number unobtainable tone.

Hope that helps


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Re: Disabling CallForwarding Softbutton



However this stops the phone forward function from dialling anywhere, however it doesn't stop the phone being put into a "forwarded" state.

The users in question are in a call centre where the call forwarding functionality causes a problem to the ACD system (Arc Solutions).

The users have been educated not to use "call forward", but at the end of the day they are still "Users" !!

Any other suggestions ?



Cisco Employee

Re: Disabling CallForwarding Softbutton

The only thing I know you can do is make sure every dn and route pattern on the system is in a partition then create a Calling Search Space with no partitions in it and apply that to the call forward all search space. This will not disable the button but should prevent them from entering a number by giving them reorder everytime they try to do a call forward all.

Thank you,


New Member

Re: Disabling CallForwarding Softbutton


What Mike (Cisco) and I have suggested is the same thing, it should work fine.

Have you changed the correct calling search space in your test, there are two, one for dialling (we dont change this one) and one for the call forward all function (this is the one we change).

Try it out on a test phone, it should work fine, if the user cant enter a valid number when he/she does a call forward it cant go into a call forwarded state.

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