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Disconnecting an Exchange Server from Unity

We have a customer that has a Unity box integrated in with an external Exchange Server. All users were imported in from the Exchange Server and the customer would like to disconnect the Exchange Server and leave the Unity running. Is there any way to do this without having to recreate all Unity Subscribers?<br><br>


Re: Disconnecting an Exchange Server from Unity

When you say they want to disconnect the Exchange server, do you mean they want to take it off line and use the Unity server for both email and voice mail services?

As long as they have fewer than 200 users and you have a level 1 PC (i.e. a Dell 2300 or comparable with enough RAM) and your fax configuration (if any) was off box you can do this. You’d just take Unity off line and move all the users from the external Exchange server to the Exchange server on our box (using the Exchange administration program) and then bring Unity back up. All the users in the site would have to change their Outlook configuration to connect to our server now instead of the external one and if you have an SMTP gateway configured on it etc… that would now have to be done on the Unity server. You could then take the external Exchange server off line entirely.

If instead they want to disconnect Unity from the Exchange server and have voice mail done on our box and Email done on the Exchange server, this can’t be done without recreating all the subscribers as new mail users on our box. You didn’t “import” them onto our box, really… they’re still homed on the external Exchange server, we just “point’ at them. If you break that connection users will lose access to their message store. You’ll have to create new users on our box with different message stores to do this.

The export/import tool I'm working on might help you out with the second scenario here when I'm finished with it (still a few weeks away). You could export all the Subscirber information from the current configruation, remove the Unity data from the Exchange directory using DOHPropKiller, remove Unity's Exchange server from their site then reimport the subscriber data... since it wont find existing users during the import it will create new ones on the fly on the local Unity server.

Unless I’m misreading what you’re trying to do?

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice

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