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Disk Storage and Security

Well once again, I have been asked by our sales guys to define a few things! <br><br>Firstly, they keep getting asked if there is any guideline for how much storage a average user takes up. I know this is rather like asking how long a piece of string is but a few of our customers are trying to plan the storage for their Voice and Email systems, and want some kind of guideline. Any ideas?<br><br>Secondly, we have a customer who is paranoid about network security and worries about someone hacking into the Voicemail and getting into his Exchange environment. I have already informed him that we only use a serial connection between the Voicemail and the Exchange server. He is worried about the LAN connection and wants to put dual NIC cards in his Exchange server with a single card in the Unity running across a crossover cable. IP forwarding would be turned off so that the Unity couldn't access his network.<br>I informed him I thought that would work but I was concerned about being able to authenticate logons unless the Exchange server was set up as a Domain Controller. Can you help? Do you know of a white paper discussing security?<br><br>Thank you,<br><br>Bill Blank<br><br><br><br>


Re: Disk Storage and Security

As far as the storage capacity question, I can’t really offer much in the way of useful advice there… it’s really going to depend on the site and their corporate culture and the like. People will usually use as much space as you give them, right? If I didn’t get barked at I wouldn’t bother emptying my sent/deleted items folders… if you give me more space, I’ll use it. I suppose it depends on how much they want to put the screws to their users. There’s been a few posts out here about the resulting file size of voice messages with the different codecs… that’s about the best I can offer.

As for the security scheme you describe… I had several folks look at this and none of us know quite what it is this guy wants to do or why. It doesn’t sound like something I’d want to bang heads with if you called in for support on it, lets put it that way. It’s definitely not a tested and supported configuration.

The voice mail server is not going to introduce any more of a security breech than any other NT server save the web access stuff. If he’s paranoid, lock down the web server so it will only allow particular accounts to get on it (from that box only if he wants to be real safe). They wouldn’t be able to administer it remotely using AA/SA at all, but if security is their primary concern that shouldn’t be a big deal. If they don’t activate TTS licenses for users the only things folks who “hack” into the voice mail system over the phone will be able to get is your voice mail (just like any other voice mail server). There would be no additional danger to their Exchange integrity than they have today.

My personal suggestion would be that this site is probably not quite ready for the Unified Messaging world. Perhaps they should install Unity as a stand alone Voice Mail only server that’s not hooked up to their Exchange site and ride with it for a while that way…

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice