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Display CallerInfo based on PSTN A-number

Hello Everyone,

Im looking for a solution where caller information such as Name and Company is displayed on Cisco 79x0/79x1 phone displays based on the incoming PSTN A-number. The caller info could be retreived from a text file or ideally from a LDAP directory such as CCM or AD.

The CallerInfo.jsp script in combination with PhotoDirectory.jsp from Cisco IP Phone Services SDK seems to be out of the question in this scenario as they are designed for calls made between internal DN's. Perhaps someone has found a way to tweak callerinfo.jsp for external PSTN calls?

A free tool called CallTracer from seems to be the obvious choice in a CallManager 4.x environment. Im looking for a solution that works with CCM 5.x and it seems like nobody has CallTracer working with CCM 5.x version to date..

A company called 4IPT has a product called 'WhoIsCalling' that does the job but im hoping to find a non-commercial solution ;)

Any sugestions are most welcome!


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Re: Display CallerInfo based on PSTN A-number

Using JTAPI you can find out the number of the incoming PSTN call. You can then use a web service to do the lookup and use CiscoIPPhoneExecute object to display the company info on the phone screen.

Re: Display CallerInfo based on PSTN A-number

Just adapt the code from myvoipsource.. it is not that hard to go from jtapi in ccm4 to ccm5 if you understand jtapi. I have ported our own caller lookup software from ccm4 to ccm5 without too much effort.

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