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Display for settings and information

I need to edit the display that comes up when you push the "settings' button,

I also need to edit the screen for information about call forwarding. Can this be done?


Re: Display for settings and information

It's not possible to edit anything that comes up when you hit Settings; this is built into the phone.

You can redirect the Services button to a URL of your choice, but this eliminates the normal CallManager functionality of adding services to the phone. You can ADD entries to the Directories button - the first three are built into the phone and can't be removed that I know of, but the remainder (usually just one entry for Corporate Directory) are drawn from an ASP file on CallManager in the normal CiscoIPPhoneMenu format. This requires copying or modifying a stock Callmanager ASP file and should be done with care if you want to maintain Corporate Directory functionality. The Messages button can only call a phone number, that phone number determined by CallManager's configuration.

I'm not sure what "screen" you're talking about for call forwarding. You can technically edit the CCMUser webpages on CallManager, but again, this is something to be done with extreme care and keeping in mind that upgrades may blow away your work. It is not possible to modify the behavior on the phone when you hit CFwdAll.

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Re: Display for settings and information

To clarify one question: Can the title "Corporate Directory" under the Directories button be changed to read "Pacific Directory"? On the Services button can I edit the "getservicesmenu.asp" file to read other than what it says now? I understand about the Settings button, what we wanted to do was allow only access to "Contrast" and "Ring Type". The last question is about the HELP (?) button. When you push (?) and CFwdALL, we wanted to edit the message that appears because we do not allow call forwarding off campus.


Re: Display for settings and information

Let me precede all of this with a warning: you can edit these files, but TAC may not support you for any problems that could result. You should keep a backup of the original file in case you need to back out the change, and you should keep a copy of your modified file in case it is overwritten when you upgrade CallManager.

The most correct place to modify the string "Corporate Directory" would be in your locale's dictionary file. For US English, this is in:


If you are using a different locale, find it in the locales directory and edit the appropriate ccmcipdictionary.asp file.

I believe the help texts are contained in the "TelecasterHelpText" table in the CCMXXXX database in SQL server, where XXXX is usually 0300 or 0301 or similar (the active one increments when you do upgrades). I don't know of a way to edit that using Enterprise Manager, you may have to write a special SQL query. That would be another one where you want to take a backup first and then save your change for when it gets overwritten later.

Alternately, you could write a special case into GetTelecasterHelpText.asp in \CiscoWebs\IPPhoneServices\CCMCIP to catch requests for help with button ID '305' (CFwdAll) and supply your custom help text. This might be easier and also would avoid the need to edit the CCM database.

I don't believe you can remove things from the Settings menu. Some of our customers have expressed concern about that. It's usually not an issue though. Consider that the user has to know the phone unlock code to change anything on those menus, and really the worst thing they can do if they know it is to break their phone (and only their phone), and the absolute worst case for recovering it (assuming you use DHCP) is you have to go down and do a factory reset. If they do this repeatedly, well, perhaps the problem should be transferred from IT to human resources. :)

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Re: Display for settings and information

Thanks for the good info. I did the directories menu change and services menu change. Works great! I will let you know about button ID '305'.

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