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Distribute or Centralise

I am at the early states of planning a possible IP Telephony project and trying to get an idea of which services could be centralised in a global organisation. I know the Call Manger would be centraised, but which parts of IPCC could be centralised? What component of IPCC provides the music on hold / recorded messages, as presumably you would want this local to the PSTN connections in each office. Would that be the Queue Point?


Re: Distribute or Centralise

Cisco IPCC provides for call queuing by queuing calls to any IVR (TDM and IP)

that supports Cisco Service Control Interface. This feature allows ICM software

to direct calls to an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for call treatment

while waiting for an appropriate agent to become available. Under the control of

a routing script, ICM software can instruct the IVR to play announcements, play

music, and/or collect digits before redirecting the call to an ICM-designated

location. The IVR queue point may reside within the carrier network or may be

provided by customer-premise IVR equipment.

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Re: Distribute or Centralise

So, I sounds like the IVR piece would need to be distibuted to prevent on-hold and IVR recordings streaming over the WAN.

Thanks, I'll have a look through the Doc as well.

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