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DL380 Drive Setup (Mirrored or RAID 5)

Can someone help me and tell me how I should setup my DL380 with 4 drives for CCM3.3 2. Should they be mirrored meaning 2 drives for the OS and 2 drives for the application? I just started this installation and researched everything except this. A quick response is needed. Thanks again.

Cisco Employee

Re: DL380 Drive Setup (Mirrored or RAID 5)


There is not really 1 out there for CCM but have a look at the one for Unity. It gives some good practices on raid configs that can be applied to ccm as well.

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Re: DL380 Drive Setup (Mirrored or RAID 5)

In my opinion it should always be mirrored.

That way you can pop a couple of drives before upgrades and roll back very quickly if you get a dodgy patch.

I can't tell you the number of times I have been glad I can roll back quickly. I even have spare disks which I rotate every 4 weeks to ensure I always have a good copy to boot.


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Re: DL380 Drive Setup (Mirrored or RAID 5)

Thanks again. I setup the drives to be mirrored. I thought that was the practice but I wanted to make sure before I started. I appreciate the help.


Re: DL380 Drive Setup (Mirrored or RAID 5)

Actually, you dont have a choice.

The OS install CD will re-configure the RAID into a mirror. If this is a 7835, and you have 4 drives you will likely have problems getting the right drives mirrored, because this is unsupported by the OS install.

The only model that supports 4 drives is the 7845.

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