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DN Circular hunt group problem CM 3.3 (3)

Hi, I'm having issues with a DN Circular hunt group in CCM 3.3 (3) I went into CCM and edited the file to activate the circular algorithm for my pilot point. But I am having some unexplainable things happening. My setup is like this:

Pilot point 2624

DN 1

DN 2

DN 3

DN 4

DN 5


Now everything works fine and it only goes to VM when busy or if all users "busy out" (go to ccmuser and forward hunt group line to pilot point 2624) which is good. It also works fine if one of the DN's are busied out like say to go to lunch or something it just skips that person and goes to the next. The problem is when 2 or more people in a row busy out to the pilot point. Sometimes it will make all calls go to VM or it will only ring 2 out of the 3 people even if 3 are available. It seems to skip the 3rd person after the first 2 are busied out and then the remaining 2 get all the calls. What is going on here? Are you not supposed to forward a line back to the pilot point? It seems to handle one person doing it but not more than that.


Re: DN Circular hunt group problem CM 3.3 (3)

Make sure that you are not using shared line appearances for any phone used with Cisco WebAttendant.

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Re: DN Circular hunt group problem CM 3.3 (3)

That may have been the case I was using shared lines. But I believe I have found a work around. Basically I stuck my pilot point that I have above under another pilot point.

So I have:

Pilot Point 2624

Pilot Point 7542 (Always Route)






Voicemail (Always Route)

They are able to busy out back to the hunt group with no further problems. It's been working for about 4 days now with shared lines. Thanks!

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