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New Member

DNS and Callmanager

I am having a problem with cm administrator and dns. We i go to the call manager by ip address through the ie i have no problems. I can search for users and get results. When I go the the cm administrator by hostname and try to search for users nothing happens. ALso, when I go to ccmuser by ip address users are able to log in with no problems. When you go by hostname you cannot log on. This same thing happens with art.

Cisco Employee

Re: DNS and Callmanager

What type of DNS server are you using? Are your callmanager in an active directory domain? Is is not just coming up or are you getting some kinda error? What version of CCM are you running? If you put an lmhost file on your pc with the netbios name of the callmanager does this solve the problem?

Just some things to try,


New Member

Re: DNS and Callmanager

I am using win2k dns. The callmanagers are not on my domain we kept them in a separate workgroup. Callmanagers are running 3.1.3a and i can ping the cm's and get a response but that still did not fix the issue.

New Member

Re: DNS and Callmanager

What dns servers are your clients pointing at for name resolution?

If the clients are pointing at a dns server that does not have host records for the callmanager(s) then the client will never resolve the name to the IP. Testing with basic ping tests such as:

ping callmanager1

Should resolve providing you have records entered in whatever dns server your clients are pointing at.

Depending on the type of clients you have deployed you could possibly through dhcp or statically program in two dns servers for which the clients can search from. First being your main DNS server and the second being the callmanager box dns server. This is best utilized with Win2k clients.

Hope this helps a little.


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