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Do not disturb for IP Phones

I would like to provide Do Not Disturb functionality for users with a second line configured on 7940 phones using skinny with CM 3.3.3.

The only way that it seems possible to do this is to use extension mobility and have users log out when they do not want receive calls. This is not very practical as the phone has to reboot which is a pain.

Does anyone know of a way to do this?

I want to use Unity as an ACD system to a group of helpdesk users and want it to hold calls when the phone system, i.e. CallManager provides a busy signal.

I have already looked at IPMA to do this and it is not suitable.

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Re: Do not disturb for IP Phones

If your using unity then they can call forward all to voicemail if they dont want to take calls. Or they could CFA to a Unity call handler that could route them to another member of the team.



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Re: Do not disturb for IP Phones

why not use IPCC?

this is made specifically for this purpose. IPMA is not designed for what you need nor is unity meant to be an ACD.

Re: Do not disturb for IP Phones

I know that Unity is not the favoured ACD solution from Cisco but I have a customer who uses Unity and has a requirement for calls to be queued to a helpdesk with four agents. They do not need reporting, supervisor monitoring and everything else that IPCC Express offers and do not want to spend alot of money.

Using Unity as a "poor man's hunt group" is detailed in the document at the URL below.

I have copied the relevant section below:

In some scenarios it’s handy to be able to try a series of extensions until you find one that’s not busy. For instance a group of extensions for handling incoming sales or support calls. Normally this is best done by the phone switch itself which will most often have more sophisticated and cost effective methods of handling large numbers of calls waiting to find an open extension than Unity has at it’s disposal. However, in the case where Unity is running behind a switch without such capabilities or for small scale needs where the call is not going to end up parking on a port in Unity should a line not be available it may make sense to have Unity do the “hunting” for you here.

To do this in Unity you’ll want to take advantage of the “blank” greeting option which is provided for fast call routing scenarios just like this. Lets say you want to have Unity try to find an open extension between 4001 and 4009 and if none of the extensions are available, send the caller to an interview handler and collect the callers’ information for later call back. To do that, follow these steps:

• First, create 10 call handlers and configure their alternate transfer rules to be active and have them configured to do a supervised transfer to extensions 4000 through 4009 respectively. You do not need to assign extensions to these call handlers if you don’t want to, it’s only necessary to configure the transfer rules properly to get Unity to try the phones you want here. Depending on how you’re routing callers to this “hunt group” it’s probably a good idea not to assign extensions to these handlers if you can help it. Note that this scenario assumes that if an extension is not busy that someone will be there to answer it so if you have agents in this group have them be sure to take their extension out of service with a DND setting or the like so the switch will return busy when we try the extension.

So my question again. Is there any way to make an extension busy on a CM 3.3.3 system, i.e. DND, using 7940 phones so that I can use Unity as described above?

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Re: Do not disturb for IP Phones

The DND feature is not currently available in CallManager, although it may be on the roadmap. If you need DND now the there is a 3rd party IP Phone, the Telstrat i2732, which provides the DND function. The specs can be found at:

It's skinny based and configures like a 7960 w/7914 sidecar.

As for your ACD, I'd use IPCC Express, especially with 10 agents. In addition to the limitations that Unity has for this scenario, you are using what should be system wide resources, i.e. voicemail ports, for each call handled in this fashion. A co-resident IPCC Express implementation for that number of agents provides greater functionality/flexibility and at a pretty reasonable cost.

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Re: Do not disturb for IP Phones

Hello Everyone:

I was just wondering...

The phone is an XML based device. Has anyone looked at making a new soft key? What I mean is, the soft keys are just a script that sets calls a function. What about creating a soft key that simulates the same thing as CFA to the VM DN? That would let the user base have a one button solution, the script could even be set to change the display to make a visual reminder of the feature in affect.

Any thoughts?


Re: Do not disturb for IP Phones

What do you want Do Not Disturb to do?

I've seen DND implemented on many different phone systems and all have their own versions. Some simply mute the ring, others completely block calls to the phone, others send the call to a predefined destination.

So you can see that DND has many flavours. Surely the easiest method of implementing a DND is to simply forward all calls to VM or another extension. Easy on, easy off!

Also EM shouldn't require the phone to do a complete reboot. If it is then I suspect you have different locale configurations on the phones (or key templates), if you match these up between devices and profiles then EM login and out should be not much longer than a restart but a lot less than a reboot.


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Re: Do not disturb for IP Phones

If you want an easy DND simply use CallForward + hit the messages key. It will send the call right to VM and never ring.

That is BASIC DND .


Re: Do not disturb for IP Phones

You can try the Hunt Group and Pilot Point features of Callmanager for your ACD requirements.