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Do .pst files contain any Unity attributes?

Q. Does mailbox data exported into a .pst file contain any Unity related attributes? <br><br>And, do you see any potential bugaboos in the following customer plan for transitioning from Exchange 5.5 & Unity 2.4.6 to Exchange 2000 & Unity 3.x.<br><br>The plan is to keep the old system up, and create the new system in parallel. They will not be importing the users from the old AD, but creating the new AD and users from scratch. They do want to export the user's mailbox data from the 5.5 boxes (I believe they are going to use the Exmerge utility) and then import those folders into the new Ex 2000 box, user by user.<br><br>Then they will format the old Unity disk and install Win2K and 3.x on the clean machine.<br><br>Thanks for your review of this plan,<br><br>Brent<br><br>


Re: Do .pst files contain any Unity attributes?

This should work if they want to do it that way.

no, Unity doesn't put anything special in the mail store so getting your inbox with ExMerge works fine. There's a doc called "Migrating Unity" on the general tools page of that actually talks about using ExMerge as a migration tool for just such a scenario.

Unity tags messages with media type flags and a message class, but these are standard attributes on messages in MAPI land so it doesn't cause any problems with tools like ExMerge.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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