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Does CCM support Go To Cover

I have a client that is requesting a feauture that resembles what I believe is called "go to cover" in which the call remains available on the first phone while being forwarded to the coverage phone. This enables the first person to "break in" to the call.

The scenario we have is two phones with a shared line. If a call comes in and user 2 picks up the call the line is taken. If user 1 wants to take the call he cannot pick up the line. He would like to break in to the call.

Does Call Manager support this?

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Re: Does CCM support Go To Cover

Yes, with caveats (of course)

CCM 4 supports this natively, so if you have CCM 4 you're in good shape. If not, then check out this link:


Barge adds a user to a call that is in progress. The barge feature supports shared lines only. Pressing the barge soft key automatically adds the user (initiator) to the shared line call (target), and the users currently on the call receive a tone.

When the barge initiator hangs up, the remaining users receive a disconnect tone, leaving the original call in progress. When the user to whom the barge was initiated releases the call, the barge initiator and the other users disconnect. Additionally, when a user other than the barge initiator or barge target releases the call, all parties disconnect.

If the barge target puts the call on hold, puts it in a conference, or transfers it, the barge initiator gets disconnected from the call; the other users remain connected. If any other user puts the call on hold, puts it in a conference, or transfers it, the barge initiator and the barge target remain connected to the call.

Enable or disable barge, a system-wide feature, in Cisco CallManager Administration using the service parameter BargeEnabled. Disabled designates the default setting for the barge service parameter. To make the barge feature available on the Cisco CallManager cluster, the administrator must set the BargeEnabled service parameter to enabled.

To set the BargeEnabled service parameter, choose Service > Service Parameters from the Cisco CallManager Administration window. When the service parameters configuration window displays, the administrator chooses a Cisco CallManager server and the Cisco CallManager service. Service Wide Parameters lists the BargeEnabled service parameter. Change the parameter value to true to enable barge and click the Update button. When the change takes affect, all Cisco CallManager servers in the cluster support barge. Refer to "Service Parameters Configuration" of the Cisco CallManager Administration Guide.

The barge feature has the following restrictions:

Supports only Cisco IP Phone models 7940 and 7960.

Supports only G.711 voice coding.

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