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Does Cisco have gateway for HOME use.


In an effort to implement VoIP solution at my HOME, I found that I could use either cisco uBR924 cable modem router or 827-4V ADSL. I came to know that in order to call PSTN numbers around the world, I should use a gateway. Here are my questions:

1) Is there any service provider who provides JUST gateway service to accomplish VoIP.

2) Are there any standalone Cisco products that provides a gateway service. If so, does it interoperates with ADSL and Cable modem.

I am looking for a cost effective gateway product to accomplish connectivity to PSTN to cut international calls telephone cost.



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Re: Does Cisco have gateway for HOME use.

What you need is the PSTN hop-off capability, and that means you need a service.

Probably the best option is to use a PC-to-phone service such as, or an instant-messaging service with voice capability, such as Yahoo IM.

Cisco Employee

Re: Does Cisco have gateway for HOME use.

Well, Not Just for Home Use, but if you have a 2600 Series Router with 16M-Flash/64M-DRAM, you can get yourself a NM-1V/2V and a FXO Board and connect your home phone lines into that. Then, In call manager you can setup an extension that appears on that phone to ring when Calls come in to the FXO board from the PSTN, And you can select that extension on the Voip phone to call out on it.

I do this at my home office which has gateway connectivity to corporate and To my home lines depending on the call I have to make.. Quite seemless and easy to use esp. with MGCP on the 2600 and an up to date version of CCM.

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