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Does IP phone support NAT/PAT?

Does Cisco ip phone support NAT/PAT? Is there any other ip phone support that feature?

Anybody know there is a kind of ip phone less than $200?


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Re: Does IP phone support NAT/PAT?

It is really the other way around. The ip phones talk to the callmanager using the SCCP protocol. So the questions is does you nat/pat box support SCCP markup. The pix and most IOS platforms versions of NAT support the SCCP protocol. You will also see it called Skinny. That is the command that will be used on the boxes.

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Re: Does IP phone support NAT/PAT?

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Re: Does IP phone support NAT/PAT?

Thanks, guys. It is really useful document.

My situation is :

If I have a CCM in headquarters, there is a public ip on it, don't need to do NAT.

I have an ip phone at my branch office with a private ip address, internet connection is ADSL or Cable. I have router( maybe not Cisco) with NAT feature. So can my ip phone register into the CCM, and communicate with other ip phones? If I have two phone in my branch office, and will be natted to on same public ip address, does it work?


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