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Does Unity use a "special" message format when delivering VM messages?

We're running Call Mgr 3.1.3, Unity 3.1.3, Ex 5.5 -- the Ex server runs on a separate server from Unity. Unified messaging is not fully implemented in our environment therefore everyone has a hidden vmail account (to hide from global address book) separate from their Ex email account.

We have an i3 server with voicemail capabilites which we'd like to integrate "cleaner" with our IP phone system. Rather than the i3 server initiating a call to a VM port number and DTMF'ing subscriber information, we'd like the i3 server to record the message and simply deliver it to the user's Ex vmail accounts.

I've unhidden my VM account so both my email and vmail accounts appear in my Outlook -- if I leave myself a VM it appears in my VM inbox. When the i3 server sends me a VM message, it appears in the VM inbox. If I check my messages via the phone, there are no new messages nor is there MWI. Does Unity use special format for distributing vmail?

Cisco Employee

Re: Does Unity use a "special" message format when delivering VM

Unity sets the message class of the voice mail message to that of "Ipm.Note.Voice.Unity". When there is a TUI login (calling into Unity over the phone), it fliters on the inbox residing on the Exchange server for that Unity subscriber. For any message to be considered a voice mail message, it has to be marked with that particular message class.

Additionally, for MWIs to be activated upon the reception of a voice mail message, this message class should also be set to Ipm.Note.Voice.Unity.

Unity does set this property via MAPI upon submitting voice mail messages.

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Re: Does Unity use a "special" message format when delivering VM

We're closer! We took your advice and now we've managed to get MWI to go on/off as messages come in and are marked as read/unread from Outlook. However, when listening to messages from a phone we get "You have no new messages" despite the MWI light being on.

The only thing we noticed in Outlook is...

- "Working" vm messages have the WAV attachement IN the body of the message entitled VoiceMessage.wav

- "Non-working" vm messages have the attachment in the "attachement field" instead of the body of the message. Also, the title of the attachement is cryptic, ie:


Is there one more piece to making this work?

Cisco Employee

Re: Does Unity use a "special" message format when delivering VM

There's no Unity support for offering voice mail messages that have been delivered by any other voice mail system in this manner. I won't be able to help you out on that one.

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