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Cisco Employee

Down grade DT-24+ loadimage

We tested DT-24+ in our Labo and our Labo is using CCM 3.1(1). DT-24+ worked well. I remove this card from our Labo and add it into our current system which is using CCM3.0(11). But it is not work well.

LD3 and LD4 are flushing few times and then LD4, LD5, LD6 flush one time. After that, LEDs repeat this routine.

I installed new flesh one into our current system, and this one was installed correctry, LD3 and LD4 are flushing and LD5 and LD6 are tune on.

I tried to change that one's LoadInformation table but...

How to confirm what image is running on? Or are there any way to reset this card to factory default?

Cisco Employee

Re: Down grade DT-24+ loadimage

I have not tried this with a gateway yet, only phones. But you are certainly welcome to try this to see if it works for you.

On the 3.0(11) server in the directory c:\program files\cisco\tftppath create a file called SDAxxxxxxxxxxxx.cnf.xml where the x's is actually the MAC address of the phone. Open the file in Notepad and put the following information in it:


That's all. Now power cycle the DT-24+ and see if it works. It may take a minute or two if it is successful since it will have to load firmware, reset a couple times, etc.

Cisco Employee

Re: Down grade DT-24+ loadimage

I made the file SDAxxxxxxxxxxxx.cnf.xml in the above directory on CCM3.0(11). Then, I rebooted this card and wait few minutes, but anything had been changed. Also tried this few times but the result is same.

This card has rotary switch on board, what is this for? Is it able to back to factory default?

Cisco Employee

Re: Down grade DT-24+ loadimage

No I don't think that will help you. Please open a case with Cisco TAC.

New Member

Re: Down grade DT-24+ loadimage

We've successfully downgraded the DT-24+ card from the 3.1(1) image. We followed the same instructions Dave supplied earlier. Just make sure the file name on the tftp server is in the 00908F00303F.cnf.xml format not SDAXXXXXXXXXXXX.cnf.xml

Cisco Employee

Re: Down grade DT-24+ loadimage

I swaped the file name from SDAxxxxxxxx.cnf.xml to xxxxxxxx.cnf.xml and it successfully downgraded the DT-24+ board image!!

Thanks for all of your helps.



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