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Downgrade to VM from Unified Messaging?

Due to a cost and licensing issue, I am considering dropping Unified Messaging and going to basic Unity Voice Messaging. Is this possible / supported / easy?

I am running Unity 4.0(3) with UM and an Exchange 2003 partner server. Just can't afford the UM licenses. (Thought I had them)

If I downgrade, where will the messages be stored? Can I still use the Exchange 2003 server, or will I have to install a copy of Exchange server on the Unity box?

Checked all the docs, but I have seen nothing about a downgrade.


Aaron Gabrielson

Redmond Minerals. Inc.

Cisco Employee

Re: Downgrade to VM from Unified Messaging?

As long as the Exchange server you install that came with Unity is only used for voice messages you can set it up as off box or on box (preferably off box if you can).

The easiest way to do this is to install Unity on it's own network entirely with it's own Exchange server and then use DiRT to pull information off the existing Unity and restore it onto the new Unity - then uninstall the old one. All your user info should be saved (I'd leave messages off the backup to avoid issues where you card email over by accident).

As long as no one is connecting via deskto clients to the mailboxes on the Exchange server you installed for Unity to use, there are no licensing issues to worry about and you should be good to go.

If you want to leave the Unity server in the customer's directory then it gets a bit trickier since you'll have to manually create hidden mailboxes for use as Unity VM subscribers on your own...

Community Member

Re: Downgrade to VM from Unified Messaging?

Okay so how would I do that with my existing server?

I only have 40 users, probably easier to create hidden mailboxes than creating a new exchange install on a new server that I don't have.

Any idea how I would go about that? As soon as I try to create a new user, I get a license violation. I can't do anything right now. How do I get out of this and back to regular VM?

Would it work to delete all the users and recreate new ones that use separate hidden mailboxes on my Exchange 2003 server?

Aaron Gabrielson

Redmond Minerals Inc.

Community Member

Re: Downgrade to VM from Unified Messaging?

Problem solved. My licensing issue was actually being caused by the "Cisco Unity Inbox" service that gets added to the default subscriber template after an upgrade to 4.0(3). I turned it off and my licensing problem went away.

Thanks again,

Aaron Gabrielson

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