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DPA-7610 physical connection

I am installing a Call Manager in an environment where the customer would like to migrate the existing users on their Meridian PBX while retaining their Octel investment. I have the DPA-7610 but having problem with the Amphinol connection to the existing PBX/Octel wiring. I am looking for detail wiring information so that the voice tech would know exactly what connects to what. The documentation of the DPA7610 are not very clear on this aspect of the installation. We are not using SMDI. Currently the Nortel PBX has 8 digital port (M2616 phones) connected to the Octel 250. These ports are currently configured as an ACD group. Do I need to take away 2 ports out of the existing ACD group to handle the incoming and outgoingthe for Call Manager? Any pointers would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Re: DPA-7610 physical connection

In the physical connection is described very well in Cisco DPA 7630/7610 Voice Mail

Gateways Administration Guide. I installed recentlly DPA 7610 for Octel 200 system without any problem. Connection to PBX is correspond one to one, for Octel 250 you need to look carefully in guide how to connect.

Be carefull with port in DPA. You need to choose hybrid mode; in this mode first 8 ports of DPA could be used for in/out messages, next 8 ports for Octel MWI and the last 8 port for PBX Meridian MWI.

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