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Dropped calls

We are having reports from users that intermitantly they are only able to use 4 out of the 6 lines avalible. The error message below is contained within the log:

%VTSP-4-FSM_BAD_EVENT: Invalid FSM Input on channel UNKNOWN

: state=-1 event=9

Does this error message have any relevance on the users claims.

Can this error mesaage please be explained as to what it means.



Re: Dropped calls

Error Message

%VTSP-4-FSM_BAD_EVENT: Invalid FSM Input on channel [chars]: state=[chars] event=[dec]

Explanation An internal software error has occurred.

Recommended Action This indicates a software failure. Consider upgrading your system to the latest Cisco IOS software release in your release train to take advantage of recent fixes.

and another one..

Under various circumstances, various "%VTSP-4-FSM_BAD_EVENT: Invalid FSM Input on channel" messages might appear on the console. You can ignore these messages. [CSCdk42704, CSCdk44816, CSCdk47695, CSCdk47703, CSCdk47706]

Can you be a bit more specific about your problem?Did you mean they can't use 6 lines in the same time??


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Re: Dropped calls

Thanks for the speedy reply.

The user is stating they cannot use all 6 lines at the same time but can only obtain 4 calls at any one time, however this happens intermitantly. During my investigation I have seen 5 calls active at any one time, my only concern is the error message previously mentioned which is contained within the log, I would like to rule this out as to whether this could be causing the intermitant problem.

The version of software we are using is:

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks


Re: Dropped calls


If you look in the Bug Tool there are about 30 bugs for this error message

The one that might interest you is ...


occasionally getting VTSP-4-FSM_BAD_EVENT and call getting dropped

This one is still open

But in general my impression is the error is generated after the call completion and it shouldn't cause you this problem.

I'm just wondering what is happening when you are trying to place the 6th call ?

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