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DSCP Settings on Vg248

On the VG 248 the DSCP setting for call control is 26, I know the current DSCP markings are 24. Would it make a difference if I changed the setting? I know cisco devices still recognize the 26 setting.

Also, can you use the auto qos voip cisco-phone on the interface connected to VG248? or should I just all the markings?



Re: DSCP Settings on Vg248

You should change it to 24, if your switches are configured to honour 24 and not 26. I dont think giving that command will recognise the 248 as a cisco phone. I have never been able to make that to work on a CATOS. NOt sure about IOS.

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Re: DSCP Settings on Vg248

Thanks for your help, Do you recommend just the normal QOS settings on the 3550 interface?

Re: DSCP Settings on Vg248

I would change all those to 24 to keep the qos setting uniform, as callmanager instruct regular ip phones to use 24 and not 26. You can refer to QOS SRND for 3550 qos commands. Primarily you should do the following for a min.

a. Set the trust state of the port (cos, dscp etc)

b. Set the priority queue (queue 4)

c. Set the cos mapping to put cos 5 traffic on queue 4 (priority queue)

d. Set buffers and bandwidth allocation for each of the 3 queues (optional)

Link to QOS SRND: (Check Enterprise QOS SRND guide)



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