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I have problem with Cisco AS5300 running IOS 12.3(25) where the syslog report the following errors:

%DSM-3-DSP_TIMEOUT: DSP timeout on channel 0:D (85159), event 0x59: DSP ID=0x17B1: DSP error stats

%DSM-3-DSP_TIMEOUT: DSP timeout on channel 2:D (85470), event 0x59: DSP ID=0x1DA1: DSP error stats

%DSM-3-DSP_TIMEOUT: DSP timeout on channel 1:D (85315), event 0x59: DSP ID=0x1762: DSP error stats

.... (all debug in attached file)

all placed calls was dropped in a sec.

Call attempting to be processed on E1 interfaces were not handled at all

ISDN Se2:15 Q931: RX <- SETUP pd = 8  callref = 0x6087
ISDN Se2:15 Q931: RX <- RELEASE_COMP pd = 8  callref = 0x6087 
     Cause i = 0x81E6333033 - Recovery on timer expiry

Unfortunately i was not prepared to fire test dsp commands and the gateway was restarted.
While booting Cisco shows:

*Jan 27 14:51:05.752: %SCHED-3-THRASHING: Process thrashing on watched queue 'vfc file system'.

-Process= "VFC File System", ipl= 5, pid= 90

-Traceback= 60449590 60449674 61183C2C 611841B4 61184EAC 61185764

and gateway was up and running properly again.

VCware version is 11.41a (so VCWare/DSPWare version compatibility OK)

I remember that once i was running 12.3.16 and vcware 11.41 i encountered quite similiar problem.

I was unable to proceed with SETUP call, cp utilization was 100%, packet lost (icmp, rtp, sip were affected).

Does anyone of you have any idea where the problem might be located.

From my perspective it is DSP board and i am ready to replace it, but need your advice.

- now show pool generate possitive feedback - VFC-voice-pool      Total=120: free=120/120, in_use=0/0, pending=0/0, disabled=0/0

- show vfc 1 inter generate no error/drops

Thanks is advanced


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