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DSP Timeouts on AS5300

hi, all!

I have AS5300 router with voice feature cards. Unfortunately, as soons as there are calls flowing through the router it displays error message about DSP timeouts:

%DSM-3-DSP_TIMEOUT: DSP timeout on channel 0:D (58), event 0x59: DSP ID=0x1B61: DSP error stats

Main dsp info:

DSP ID (C/E)T Ingress:Total-Data(Rx,Tx,Dr,Fr) Ctrl[Rx,Tx,Dr,Fr,Oo] Egress:Total-Data(Rx,Tx,Dr) Ctrl[Rx,Tx,Dr,Oo]

Dsp1.3.4.1 (3/3)10000 (162,162,0,0)[0,12,0,0]<3,2,1> (2103,2103,0)[48,48,0]<3,3,0>

[Call Usage]

codec: expected=-1, current=16, previous=5


allocated: to_tdm=1, to_vtsp=1


[Alarm Indication History]

last_alarm: cause=0, module_id=0, msg=[];

[Maintenance Task Details]


last_loading: request=279159, success=279178, failure=0

last_time: reboot_success=279178, firmware_alarm=0, shutdown=0

total_loading: default_count=1, overlay_count=3

alarm: total=0, threshold=10000



There seems to be no patterns in DSP id numbers. The router runs c5300-is-mz.123-15 version of IOS.

Any hints on this problem will be greatly appreciated.

Cisco Employee

Re: DSP Timeouts on AS5300


This error message could be due to several reasons:

1. Compatibility between the IOS/VCWARE/DSPWARE

2. Hardware Issue - Replace the DSP Modules or card.

3. Software bug these errors are resolved in

12.3.11T7 onwards.

4. Reloading or "debug vpm reset" could cause them

to go away

Error Message

%DSM-3-DSP_TIMEOUT : DSP timeout on channel [chars], event [hex]: DSP ID=[hex]: [chars]

Explanation A timeout occurred while the system was waiting for a DSP response.

Recommended Action The DSP has been automatically reset. If this problem persists, copy

the error message exactly as it appears on the console or in the system log, contact your

Cisco technical support representative, and provide the representative with the gathered


Please check the compatibility between the VFCWare and DSPWare.


The link also describes how to download and upgrade the firmware.

Hope this helps

Community Member

Re: DSP Timeouts on AS5300

Hi! Thanks for answering!

To the question of compatibility between IOS/vcware/dspware.

#sh vfc 1 version vcware

Voice Feature Card in Slot 1:

VCWare Version : 11.41a

ROM Monitor Version: 1.3

DSPWare Version : 4.1.41

Technology : C549

VCWare/DSPWare version compatibility OK

IOS is 12.3.15

I have tried reloading the router and reseating VFCs - it does not help.

So I guess the only option left is hardware problem.

If I'll take both dsp cards and insert them in other as5300 router running same IOS version, will that help identify the problem with hw?

Any other hints?

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