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DTMF BLUES - ITS 3.0 to Unity 3.1(5)

2620 its3.0 + fxo conn plar + unity 3.1(5)= no dtmf tones

System image file is "flash:2600-is3x-mz.123-1.bin"

cisco 2620 (MPC860) processor (revision 0x102) with 61440K/4096K bytes of memory

>>tsp between unity and its tests out fine

>>internal dialing from 7960s to unity is fine

>>inbound connectivity is (1) b1 line via FXO to lec biscuit jack

>>outbound dialing and dtmf works fine

steps taken toward resolution:

>>adjusting voice-port input gain... to no avail

>>reboot router and unity server... to no avail

>>cursing all that is blue... to no avail

>>hit myself... to no avail

have customer with oldass 2.4.6 unity & 3640/pri running its 2.0 & they dont have this problem, obviously. im sure im missing something simple. unlike standard ccm, there is no voip peer statement on which to config dtmf-relay

suggestions/ha ha ha's hereby solicited*

*please only provide ha ha ha if accompanied by suggestion

feel free to experience this so-far limp installation by dialing 813.282.4820


Re: DTMF BLUES - ITS 3.0 to Unity 3.1(5)

Enjoyed ure post

You are running into a bug : CSCea90781

Upgrade to 12.2.15ZJ and have the last laugh...

ITS rocks! ... :)


Re: DTMF BLUES - ITS 3.0 to Unity 3.1(5)

12.3 means you are not using ITS 3.0 you are actually at ITS 2.1

ITS 3.0 will meet 12.3 at 12.3.2T, so going to 12.2.15ZJ is actually an upgrade.

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Re: DTMF BLUES - ITS 3.0 to Unity 3.1(5)

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Re: DTMF BLUES - ITS 3.0 to Unity 3.1(5)

nevermind. i apparently have a reading comprehension problem. he was using nec pbx... any thoughts on a different version ios appreciated.. i will try 1 or 2 in meantime.. thx again


Re: DTMF BLUES - ITS 3.0 to Unity 3.1(5)

Im afraid youre not going to like this one bit. ITS support for the legacy 2600 series is not planned or supported. Meaning you have to have a 2600XM to go to 3.0 which happens to be 12.2.15ZJ which happens to be where your bug is fixed.

You could try an even older version of ITS than 2.1 like 2.02 or 2.01 (12.2.11T) and the bug probably wont be there, but in that situation you lose some of the newer features.

Sorry about that, hope everything works out.

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