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DTP for Cat3524

Hi, I am deploying +300 7960 IP phones in a new building using Cat3524's as the access switch. I will be using the single cat5 cable connecting the workstation behind the phone. I was hoping to configure the Cat3524's so any network device could use the port, but the cat3524 does not support dynamic trunking protocol. Has anyone heard if the Cat3524 will support DTP, like the CatOS on the 4000's and 6000's? Unfortunately, once you enable trunking on the interface, a single workstation/printer will not work. Which requires my intervention.

Cisco Employee

Re: DTP for Cat3524

This will work fine without DTP. When you configure the switch ports in trunk mode dot1q and configure a native vlan and a voice vlan, all will be correct when you plug in an IP phone with a workstation behind it.

If you plug a workstation directly in, it will still work and still be on the native vlan, as the switch does not send the frames with dot1q tags if the frames are being sent on the native vlan.

New Member

Re: DTP for Cat3524

Thanks so much for the help! I added the native vlan statement and all is well.

interface FastEthernet0/3

switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q

switchport trunk native vlan 81

switchport mode trunk

switchport voice vlan 4

switchport priority extend cos 0

spanning-tree portfast

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