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Dual environment Definity and CM

Let me start by explaining our environment. We have a dual telephony environment. One one side we have Definity G3si and on the other Cisco Callmanager 4.0 with Unity 3.1

The CEO is on the Cisco IP network. His secretary is on the Definity side.

Here is what happens:

The secretary dials an outside number. Once the call is connected she then attempts to transfer to the CEO(Cisco side). She presses 'transfer' + extension + 'transfer' again to complete the transfer. THE TRANSFER WILL NOT COMPLETE. The Cisco phone will ring but the Definity side will not release the call. When the CEO picks up his phone he hears his secretary and not the person on the outside.

The person on the outside is still on hold on line 1 of the secretary's phone. The secretary must then transfer the call to another Definity phone in order for the CEO to receive his call.

I have tested this on several situations similar to what I just explained. This problem is happening all over our organization.

I am unsure if the problem lies on the Definity or Cisco side of our environment. Any help is extremely appreciated.

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Re: Dual environment Definity and CM

Hi Thomas,

My guess would be that the Definity has a parameter that blocks Trunk to Trunk connection for transfers.This type of setup is usually done to prevent Toll fraud.If the secretary trys to do this with an internal call does it work? I'll bet the Definity sees the route to the CCM as an external or Tie line call and blocks it accordingly.This behavior is probably something that you can change by tweaking the Definity.

Hope this helps!


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Re: Dual environment Definity and CM

Hello Rob,

Thank you for the response. I think you are dead-on with your analysis. I am investigating attempting to enable Trunk-to-Trunk transfers. In your experience, do you know if it is possible to enable transfers for a specific trunk? We currently have a system policy that is in effect for all trunks. Obviously we do not want to enable Trunk-to-Trunk transfers for all trunks in the systems.

Also, To answer your question, the secretary can succesfully transfer the INTERNAL calls.

Thanks again


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Re: Dual environment Definity and CM

Hi Tom,

I'm glad to help! My experience does not include Definity systems, but my bet would be that you can't enable Trunk to Trunk connections for an individual Trunk.Can you just enable this feature for the Trunks between the CCM and Definity? If this is a PRI connection I'm sure you will be able to change this route without affecting all existing Trunking.

The other thing I would try if you are only concerned about the CEO and his Secretary is this:

1. Set up a "dummy" internal DN on the Definity side.

2. Set this new DN for CFWDALL to the CEO's DN

3. When Secretary needs to transfer to CEO just transfer to this new internal DN which will route properly as the Definity will see the call transfer as internal rather than external.

Maybe this would be a temporary fix that will not disrupt other parameters.

Hope this helps!


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