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Dual Homed CallManager and Unity?

Has any one tried to dual home the Callmanager and Unity servers? I would like my IP phones to be in a private non addressable ip range (192.168.x.x) but I would like to be able to manage my System via the web pages from my real ip address range. In addition I would like to link two seperate call manager clusters and Unity VM servers into the same Active Directory domain. These two systems are across a Ptpt T1 line, so I would have to have them in my "Real" ip scope. Is there any other good way to do this without having to get a router and route between the private and public ip ranges?

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Re: Dual Homed CallManager and Unity?

No you can not dual home. That will cause some problems. Infact it will put 2 instances of the same ccm in SQL and most of your services will fail to start. I would say it is time to but a nice L3 switch : ) Also - you can't put 2 CCM clusters in the same domain but you can put 1 cluster in each child domain if you are talking about doing AD integration. P

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Re: Dual Homed CallManager and Unity?

I agree with you on the fact it is nice to have the AVVID Cluster on public IP's to be able to take care of "issues" where-ever/when-ever, but with all the problems/hacks/worms floating around, minimizing your exposure is always best.

The way I acomplish this for our internal system and our managed customer's system is simply place everything on a private block, then on a edge router or whereever your NAT is taking place, just do a Static NAT Translation for only Port 80. This will keep your Cluster secure, but you can still get to all the web pages Via a Public Ip.

Hope this helps.


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Re: Dual Homed CallManager and Unity?

Thanks that is what I am doing right now. I have NAT Setup so I can web into things.

rchapee : What do you mean I cannot have two differen clusters in AD? Are you saying I cannot point to two diferent containers wtith two diferent CM clusters? Why not?

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