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Dual Integration HICOM and Call Manager

We have installed Unity 3.1.1 with a Dual intergration for HICOM 300E and Call Manager.<br>Everything is setup , SQL2000 , Messag Store 2000, AD, Patches etc. The Unity works good with the Call Manager 3.1.2C. <br>We also installaed Dialogic Card 120JCT-LS with 16 Analog Ports.<br>The Switches (PBX, VOIP) on the Unity is setup, the Ports what the Unity used for the PBX ( HICOM ) and which Ports it should use for Call Manager is also set.<br>This was only a short description how the staff is setup.<br>Now the Problem:<br>When I call from a HICOM Phone ( T25 ) to the VoiceMail ( Unity ) as soon the Unity will answer the Call and Play a Greeting, Unity hangs up. I will see the call on the Unity Port Monitor that something come in.<br>We set exactly the settings on the Dialogic Card how was written in the Unity install Menu. But it looks like that this does not work.<br>We also checked several time the setup from the (PBX) Analog Ports, and did not find something that looks unclear. ( Setup how written in the Document ) <br>We running version 3.1.1 i dont no maybe this has something to do with the Problem.<br><br>Please let me know what other information you need. Maybe you can provide us with the wright setting from the Dialogic Card ( for Switzerland ), because I think the problem are the settings on the Dialogic Card ( what i think ).<br><br>Thanks in advanced <br>Regards Philipp<br><br><br>


Re: Dual Integration HICOM and Call Manager

I'd recommend determining if Unity hung up on the call, or did Unity think the PBX provided a disconnect. So this happens on Direct calls from a Hicom phone into Unity? Can you open the IntegrationMonitor.exe, select the "include digits" option and post what shows up on that direct call?

Steve Olivier
Software Engineer
Cisco Systems

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