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Dual Switch De-Integration?

We finally got out from under the old Merlin Legend and it's time to de-integrate. We're running 2.4.6 with 4 TAPI ports to our CM cluster and 4 analog ports off of a Dialogic D41E-PCI. Per the Unity manuals, the procedure seems to be 1) stop unity and remove the dialogic software, 2) remove the TSP and reboot, 3) reinstall TSP, 4) change port configuration via Telephony control panel and unity. Any issues to be aware of with this? Thanks in advance.<br><br>

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Re: Dual Switch De-Integration?

Yes, you missed the part where you have to worry about the subscribers that are homed on the Dialogc connected switch and also the subscribers that are homed on the Call Manager.
Internally in Unity, we attach the subscribers to one of the switches. In a multiple Unity case, everyone on the Dialogic connected switch is assigned to switch 0 and everone on the Call Manager is on Switch 1.
When you go to a single switch config, every subscriber needs to be on Switch 0.
You will need the help of BulkEdit tool from to update subscribers and also some other peices to have the right switch Id.
I know we have done this a couple of times, but I cannot find a document on the TAC webpage to share. Please contact TAC to get the procedure right. It is better to get their information before rather than call them with the problem later.

Anil Verma
Cisco Systems


Re: Dual Switch De-Integration?

We have already converted all the users over to the CM side. We are now just looking to reclaim the ports and add them to the TAPI pool. Thanks for the info.


Re: Dual Switch De-Integration?

I don't have a dual switch key handy at home here but if memory serves me you can just map all the ports to the CM on the ports page in the SA. So the retired analog switch would be assigned ports 0 through 0 and the CM switch would have ports 1 through 8.

If all the users are assigned to the CM switch already then this would get you what you need unless I'm misunderstanding here. It's a little annoying to still see the analog switch referenced in the SA, but this should get you what you want. The security key is licensed for the total number of active ports so you should be able to shuffled them around freely.

One of the things we need to clean up is automating the path from dual to single switch integration. To do it right (i.e. to remove the reference to the analog switch in the SA) you have to hack up the registry and touch each of the users in the directory. If you just remove the analog switch reference (switch ID #0) all the users will be pointed to switch ID #1 (the CM switch) which will be incorrect now. Moderately messy but something that could be automated reasonably smoothly with a little work. It's on my "whine list" for items to look into and get into the product itself or onto if necessary.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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