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Dumb Mistake

Hey all:<br><br>Get a load of this idiotic maneuver I did and cannot access the SAWeb front end.<br><br>After configing a new COS 'No Text to Speach' a few weeks ago during a move I am taking care of I went into the COS specific area of Unity through SAWeb and added everyone, I mean all accounts including the Administrator and my own account, to the 'No Text to Speach' COS.<br><br>Now, whenever I try to login to SAWeb I get 'Access Denied' Your COS denies you access - or something very similiar but it is due to my brilliant maneuver. <br><br>Is there any way to get this fixed?<br><br>Thanks,<br>Erik<br><br>Erik L. Vesneski<br>Internal Network Manager<br>


Re: Dumb Mistake

Well... someone from TAC can call into your system real quick and just reassign your account to the administrator class of service using DOHPropTest. This would be quick and pretty painless.

If you're in a real jam and can't do that for rum reason, you can run ConfigMgr.exe out of the \commserver directory and select to run the rules configuration script. Browse to \commserver\Localize\DefaultConfiguration\ENU\ and select "DefaultRules.DCS".

This should force the Example Administrator back into the Administrator Class of service and you can piggy-pack into the system that way and fix it up.

I'd reccomend getting a friendly TAC person to call into your box and just reassign your account to the proper COS. If you have remote access setup (as every good customer should) this is a 5 minute operation.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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